IMA travelkidsAs of 01 October 2014 all parents travelling with children under the age of 18 must have their children's unabridged birth certificate on hand.

For the safety of children, including their protection from child trafficking, abduction and kidnapping this regulation have been passed by the South African Department of Home Affairs. This ruling would have come in effect from 01 July 2014 but the department has extended a grace period for this regulation until the 1st of October 2014.


Lufthansa Transit Fee Changing

Price increase set in stone, no changing it!

We have just been informed by Lufthansa that the transit fee they are charging as from last week is
€ 150
per firearm case.

*It has been increased from € 50 per case.

We have tried to negotiate with them but they tell us it is a head office increment and it is not changeable.

Going home

When you check  in for your return journey from one of the outlying airports like East London or Port Elizabeth you can check your luggage all the way home but you must collect your firearms at the domestic firearms collection point at the departing airport (Johannesburg / Cape Town) and go through the check in procedures and security .

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Post Office Strike!

Please take note that South Africa’s postal workers are on strike. It is advisable to send your documents by courier to ensure we receive them on time.

South Africa's Post Office strike is partially settled but overseas mail is currently taking about 10 to 25 days to get delivered.

New Airport Act

 There is a new Airport Act that requires all luggage (domestic and international) to be screened.

Various airports in South Africa are finding ammunition in checked bags that are not packed correctly. The owners of these luggage are called back to unlock bags so the ammunition can be taken out and be sent to the next destination in a plastic bag. This is causing delays to the departure of the aircraft and disgruntled passengers.

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New Ammunition Rules!



With immediate effect, ALL ammunition you are travelling with, within South Africa and regionally within South Africa on South African Airways, SA Airlink and SA Express must be in a separate locked hard ammunition case.

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Delta Airlines


IMA elephant2Delta Airlines have started the direct flight from Atlanta. All the passengers are happy but please make sure your declare the right arrival date. All flights departing from US arrive the following day in South Africa.

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Here are a few suggestions for hunters coming through London.

If you are spending more than a day in London or travelling from Gatwick to Heathrow you must obtain the services of a Firearm Courier. We have found that without the services of a Courier your firearms can go astray.

We can suggest:

Bunduki Travel and Firearms Courier Service

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New Baggage Policy


South African Airways (SAA) is introducing a new check-in baggage policy in response to your customer’s varying requirements in each of its markets.

From 5 September 2012, SAA will move to a checked baggage policy that restricts the number of pieces of baggage a passenger may check in, rather than the total weight of the passenger’s checked baggage.

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Here are a few suggestions for hunters coming through Amsterdam:

If you are travelling through Amsterdam with either KLM or North West Airlines you are required to obtain permission in advance to transit through the city with firearms from the Douane Noord office in Groningen.

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Changes at Central Firearms

Changes in Management and Control at Central Firearms in Pretoria

With the severe changes in Management and Control at Central Firearms in Pretoria it has been bought to our attention that from immediate effect Central Firearms will not accept any applications for pre-issued permits without the following provisions being provided...

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SAA Regulations

Ladies and Gentlemen, South African Airways (SAA) has issued a directive on the transportation of sporting weapons and ammunition.

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Firearms Control Act, 2000

South Africa’s Firearms Control Act, 2000 has been in force now for a few years. Certain parts of act have been amended but for the visiting hunter the regulations remain the same. As from the 30th June 2009 the Act will be in place in its entirety and will be enforced completely.

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Relax, Read

IMA ClovenHow about some light reading on the way over?

CLOVEN - by Alistair Fall

Set against the backdrop of Mugabe's land grab in Zimbabwe, 'Cloven' tells the story of a desperate farmer who travels to London to try and force the British Government to intervene in the political madness that is going to bring starvation and misery to his country.

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