Hunters visiting South Africa can take advantage of our Temporary Import Permit Service. We are able to obtain all of the necessary Import permits that you may require for the rifles, semi automatic shotguns, hand guns and ammunition that you are planning to bring along on your hunt, prior to your departure from your home country. 

Last year we obtained 6950 hunting rifles permits on behalf of 3298 hunters, with no problems experienced.

Required Information 

Before a license can be issued, applicants need to provide us with the following information:


1. A copy of your passport - photo and signature page of your passport. This copy must be notarized as a true copy of the original, stamped and signed by a notary accordingly.
2. Proof of ownership in the form of a US Customs form 4457 / A Firearm License / Proof of export (where applicable, please see notifications on the download page for each country). This must also be copied and notarized as a true copy of the original, stamped and signed by a notary.
3. A completed SAPS 520 form (also available from our downloads page) completed in black ink.
4. A letter from your outfitter confirming the dates of your hunt, the place of the hunt, the species you are hunting and the firearms he suggests you bring. Please remember that the firearm calibers must be compatible to the species hunting.
5. If you intend to use a third party such as us to apply for your permit on your behalf then you must sign in black ink the Hunters Support form (also available from the downloads page).
6. These forms must reach us 25 days before your intended arrival in SA for normal applications.
7. If you wish to apply for a semi automatic shotgun or handgun permit you must supply a letter of motivation stating the reason for wanting to hunt in South Africa with these firearms. It must be an original request with a good reason otherwise consideration will not be granted. **Forms for a semi automatic shotgun or handgun must reach us 30 days prior to your arrival in SA**
8. If the handgun is custom made and is not on the Central Firearms computer you will be requested to obtain from the manufacturer a letter stating that the firearm is manufactured for hunting purposes only. Central Firearms can also request additional information / specifications / pictures of the firearm. Your application can be delayed, so please see to your applications timeously.
9. These forms for a semi automatic shotgun or handgun must reach us 35 days prior to your arrival in South Africa.
10.  ***Exact copy of your flight itinerary***
We cannot be held responsible if you declare the wrong dates on your Hunters' Support Form and/or SAPS 520 Form.

Permit Request Information Form

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