If you are planning to extend your trip by doing some 'normal' tourism to any of the considerable attractions that we are able to offer, we will be delighted to take care of any of the hunting equipment that you don't want to take along with you.

Air 2000 have their own officially approved gun-storage facility at Lanseria Airport, and can look after any other luggage until you need it.

This service is available (for a minimum of 3 days) to any of our clients. Please remember that we can only store firearms for a client that has used our Initial Meet and Assist with a Pre-issued permit . We are not allowed to store firearms " blind" - in other words not knowing what the hunter is wanting us to store. We must be involved with the Temporary Import from the initial stages. 

 Just one of the many small ways that we try to make your hunt easier, smoother and more enjoyable. 

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