Temporary Import Permit Documents

Here's a list of some of the documents that you can download to help with your application for a temporary import permit to bring a firearm into South Africa.

 SAPS 520

 Copy of the application form that you need to fill out



 Official Instructions

 For applying for a temporary import permit


 Hunters' Support Form

 Authorizing us to apply for a permit on your Behalf

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 Firearms Control Act 2000

Read this only if you have a lot of time on your hands

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Credit Card Authorisation Form

The tariff list for services is available on request. Send e-mail to: air2000@global.co.za

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Localised Instructions



Localised Paperwork

FLA germany
Germany - Frankfurt:

There are a number of changes when transiting through Frankfurt – Germany with sporting weapons. Please read the Instruction letter and Gun Permission Letter carefully and fill in the application form that must be must submitted well in advance of your in-transit , they request 4 (four) weeks' notice.

Instruction letter

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Gun Permission Letter

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Translated Application Form

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FLA netherlands
Application Form  

Document Checklist

Please confirm you have the following documents together before sending them.

make sure you have a minimum of two free pages in your passport and a validity of four months after returning home
  • Notarised copy of your proof of ownership [US Customs form 4457 or License]
  • Credit card authorisation form  
  • Copy of your flight schedule / itinerary  
  • Copy of your letter of invitation from your outfitter if available [if not we will obtain on your behalf]    

Send Documents

Then send these documents probably by courier (Fedex, UPS, DHL,TNT) to: 

Hunters Support Service cc 
1st Floor Terminal Building 
Lanseria International Airport 
South Africa


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